Website Creation

This project will involve the creation of more websites.  A step-by-step presentation of a method for creating a plain-vanilla website in a hurry may be found in this content management website which is based on the use of WordPress.  It is an example of the kind of website created by following those steps.

Few people would be satisfied with such simple uninspired websites, but WordPress provides an overwhelming scope for creativity.  There are many free themes and some premium ones, almost all of which can be customized in many ways.  Almost all of those themes contain images on the front page, and the creation of these images also provides an enormous scope for creativity.

In general, this Social Systems Project is about the the application of social technology to make society work.  Websites such as this one are in fact a type of social technology, but most of the technology to be employed is mathematical in nature.  That does not reduce th importance of having good websites, including attractive ones.